run by artists for artists.

Be Involved

We are always looking for artists to join in our activities.  Come visit if you would like to find out more, directions here.

Otherwise we have a wish list that you may be able to contribute towards.

Assemblage wish list:

  • chairs
  • trestle tables
  • old working computers that can be used by artists who do not own computers
  • a projector – digital that can be connected to a laptop
  • old school overhead projectors
  • A metal cupboard that is lockable
  • filing cabinet
  • heaters
  • blinds
  • kitchen utensils – particularly mugs, glasses, cutlery
  • stationery
  • old paint, paint brushes, rollers
  • plants for our balcony garden
  • tools
  • art materials
  • usable digital camera
  • ladder,
  • lockers
  • cleaning equipment
  • urn
  • easels
  • patio umbrella stands – we have 2 umbrellas but no stands to keep them upright
  • shelves put up in our kitchen
  • books for our library – particularly art related books or publications
  • empty spaces that we can use for exhibitions, pop shops and events
  • support an artist for a year – R1000/month to help pay their studio rent and buy materials, at the end of the year the artist may be able to give you an artwork
  • an accountant/bookkeeper to help us with our bookkeeping and tax
  • a handy person to make our front space more presentable – some plaster, paint and lights
  • a web developer to redevelop our website for us and make it hacker safe
  • a wine or alcohol sponsor for our events
  • monetary donations to support Assemblage’s activities
  • subscribe to our mailing list and attend our events
  • tell your friends about our events
  • visit our events and buy art



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